Glencraft Mattresses

Introducing our mattress partner, Glencraft. Established in 1843 with a rich Scottish heritage, Glencraft is renowned for crafting luxury mattresses. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, Glencraft is dedicated to ensuring that each handcrafted product contributes positively to society.

At the core of Glencraft's mission is "Dignity Through Work," with three-quarters of their team composed of visually impaired and/or disadvantaged individuals. Utilising responsibly sourced natural materials, every mattress is meticulously handmade in Scotland by the skilled Glencraft team.

The exceptional craftsmanship and Royal Warrant are a testament to Glencraft's commitment to quality. Exclusively designed for our guests, The Sandman Signature Mattress promises a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience. Featuring a pocket spring design enhanced with a layer of needled wool and cotton for temperature regulation, topped with plush Egyptian cotton, it provides a haven of comfort.

Experience the luxury at home by purchasing The Sandman Signature Mattress directly from Glencraft.

To learn more visit this link to Glencraft's website.