Sustainability & Community

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At Sandman Signature UK, we are committed to integrating conservation and resource management into our daily operations. To support this commitment, we have implemented the following initiatives:


We source our cleaning products from P&G Professional, whose concentrated formulas reduce the need for frequent deliveries, thereby lessening our carbon footprint. Additionally, we are committed to purchasing renewable energy to further support sustainability.



In an effort to reduce water consumption and pollutants, we do not refresh linens and towels daily unless requested. In addition, by partnering with P&G Professional, our on-premise laundry operations can reduce energy usage by 7% and reduce water usage by 40%. That’s the equivalent of 1 million water bottles per hotel per year!


We recycle or compost as much as possible in an effort to minimise the amount of waste generated through our daily operations.



We invest in equipment that helps to reduce consumption of these resources but also provide training to staff on how to manage the use of these resources responsibly.



We communicate our initiatives to our guests, suppliers and employees in order to generate awareness but also to inspire participation. We invite you to support our environmental efforts by participating in our programs and also by providing us with your feedback. 


We have transitioned to bulk amenities in our rooms, preventing tens of thousands of single-use plastic bottles from entering landfills. Additionally, our key entry card system automatically turns off power in unoccupied rooms, further enhancing our commitment to sustainability.



We collaborate with local charities through fundraising efforts and by donating unwanted items. Additionally, we partner with local schools to educate children about future opportunities in the hospitality sector.