A Newcastle Legend


Standing upon historic grounds, Sandman Signature Newcastle, UK is proud to be part of this bourgeoning city’s defining future and past.

Once home to the former Scottish & Newcastle Brewery regional office building (located on the actual brewery site itself), our 175- room, boutique-style accommodations, while elegant and modern, also pay homage to Newcastle’s revered icon and its connection to the city.

Brewing since 1868 and established in 1927, the Newcastle Brewery employed generations of citizens, with its Brown Ale achieving cult-like status as the local’s post-work drink of choice. Understanding the impact and importance of this heritage, Sandman Signature Newcastle Hotel carefully chose to salute the S&N Brewery’s legendary status by showcasing their famed ‘blue star’ icon high atop the exterior of our building. This blue star, like the star on the Newcastle Brown Ale label, has five points to represent the five founding breweries of Newcastle.

Much like the star, you can also find an abundance of local traditions and colloquial essences in every fabric of our hotel experience. Walk around our property you’ll find any number of people speaking with the distinct Geordie twang and using long-standing euphemisms such as “toon” (town) or “broon” (brown, usually in reference to the Brown Ale).

We are also directly across from Newcastle’s hottest sports hub, St. James’ Park – home to fast-paced football games celebrated throughout England. Often referred to as the ‘toon’, Newcastle is a football lover’s delight, and we ensure that any fan can experience the best matches while staying at our sleek accommodations.

Employing many local residents who are an important part of the city’s future, and set right in the heart of its historic yet modern Downtown centre, Sandman Signature Newcastle Hotel is an exciting place to be.  Winning the coveted RICS North East Renaissance Award for Commercial Property of the Year, we are proud to provide superior service and standards that consistently impress.

Whether you’re here to enjoy the world-renowned night-life or the outstanding history and culture, we welcome you to stay with us and experience this remarkable area in elegant, relaxed four-star comfort.